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We want to inspire people. 

Our goal is that just by tasting our foods, you will realize there is a way to eat a beautiful, fulfilling, and tasty meal while being surprised by how a plant-based diet can make you feel good for a successful, healthy future



In our recipes we use a combination of natural, minimally-processed ingredients, including oils and sugars that are naturally more tasty and nutritious just by themselves.

We choose seasonal ingredients and international 

recipes, with our personal touch

We use

non-traditional ingredients to prepare our foods, which are free from dairy and completely free from cholesterol and animal products.   

We constantly strive to ''make it healthier without compromising taste and look''



 Please contact us 48 hours prior to your event,

so that we will be able to accomodate your request,


Keto friendly products, now also available!


Thank you! 


We use Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our packaging is compostable and environmentally sustainable

If you are vegan, vegetarian or just trying to lower your cholesterol, Salted Celery has the answer!



Sara has been passionate about baking and food since she was very young.  

She was born and raised in Northern Italy, where she learned about hospitality and culinary crafts in high school.

The curiosity to learn more about different cultures led her to the US and France, and eventually back to her country for an advanced pastry course in one of the best culinary schools in Italy, "Castalimenti", founded by Chef Iginio Massari, in Brescia. 

She then spent two years in London UK, surrounded by alternative, international and eclectic cuisines, working for The Dorchester at "Cut at 45 Park lane" by Wolfgang Puck.  


In 2017, Sara decided to return once again to the US for a great opportunity to work as a pastry chef in Epcot Walt Disney World at "Tutto Italia" restaurant, where everything started for her years before. 


She is now very proud to call charming New Smyrna Beach her home.